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Store Design

An extraordinary shopping experience through our service of furnishing entire beauty and make-up stores. With our expertise, we transform ideas into unique and engaging spaces, from the design phase to the creation of custom-made furniture.


Custom-made furniture

Our team of experts will guide you through a design journey, and with the magic of 3D modeling you can preview the space created.


Furnished outlets


Rendering of individual products
Beauty, Make Up and Cosmetics

Custom store furnishings

We do not just provide simple store shelves, but create an optimized, practical and comfortable environment. From slatted panels to wall displays and central elements such as double-sided gondolas, each element is strategically placed, following a precise logic.

From sleek and functional furniture to modern and reliable checkouts, from eye-catching tables to attention-grabbing designer islands, to make-up stations complete with vanity mirrors for a touch of style. In addition, you can count on impeccable nails stations designed specifically to create a perfect environment for nail care services.

Customized furniture

We design the ideal environment for displaying the desired number of products, creating the intimate atmosphere of a store even in the largest spaces and incorporating oases of beauty even in the smallest spaces to ensure an appealing and engaging display for your customers at all times.

Know How and Innovation

60 years of history in manufacturing make-up, beauty and cosmetic displays that make a big difference in the final result.

Concept design

We design your charming and functional store, where customers will feel inspired to explore and experience your beauty products.


We can make furniture from a wide range of materials, offering endless possibilities of shapes, sizes, colors and customizations.

TOP value for money

Furniture designed to be transported in small units and easily assembled. Decade-long partnerships with suppliers to guarantee you reduced prices of the materials used.


We will never abandon you! Our team is always ready to ensure the perfect functioning of your furniture, providing you with lasting peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In what areas can you carry out shopfitting?

Being experts in concept design and being able to design custom furniture to measure, we can set up stores of any kind. Having over 60 years of history behind us, we have specialized in furnishing make-up, cosmetics and beauty outlets.

I have a project in mind, how can I implement it?

We are here specifically to bring your ideas to life. Call us at +39/051766532 or email us at
and we will be happy to support you in developing your idea.

I have just acquired a new store and would like to keep some of the furniture. Is it possible?

Of course! It is not uncommon for customers to ask us if we can breathe new life into their existing furniture with restyling solutions that enhance the store ‘s appearance and bring a breath of fresh air. For more information on this aspect visit our page RESTYLING.

How long does it take to make a store fitting?

Since the moment that each project si unique and customized, the lead time can vary from one project to another. The lead time depends on many factors, such as the size of the space and the type of set-up you want to achieve. Contact us directly to learn more!

I have a precise space in which the new furniture must fit perfectly, how can I do it?

No problem! Our furniture is custom-made and is designed to fit perfectly into the existing space.

How are shipping and assembly handled?

All of our furniture is designed to be disassembled and packed in a small space, so you spend even less on transportation! We carefully study each piece of furniture so that it is easy and quick to assemble even by store personnel.

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