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The Display Who Speaks

Whether it is a general tester or a counter display, facilitating the customer’s purchase should be a priority. For this reason, we include graphics, writings, videos, and other contents since the design stage that make it easier for customers to find their way around the display and immediately locate the product they are looking for.

Types of displays

For each new client who entrusts us with his or her project, we create a fully customized display unit, designed to meet its specific needs. This dedication makes each of our works unique and unrepeatable. Offering exclusive display solutions is an added value for the brand, as it allows to convey its identity and style in a distinctive way. These display units, in fact, represent the brand image in the eyes of end customers as they choose products in stores.

Each product is fully customizable in size, shapes, colors and materials.

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General Tester

General Tester displays are designed to elegantly and accessibly present samples of various makeup products, allowing customers to experiment with them before purchasing.

They are made of high-quality materials, such as transparent acrylic, which allows customers to easily see the colors and textures of the products. They can be configured in different shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of the store and product assortment. These units can be made as a cart or table shape, ideal for larger spaces and for organizing a wide range of items, or can be more compact and placed on shelves to make the most of small spaces.

Within these displays, products are arranged neatly and invitingly, sometimes with descriptive labels for each product. This facilitates customer selection and makes the discovery process pleasant and intuitive. In addition, many displays are equipped with additional accessories, such as mirrors and video monitors, to enable customers to apply makeup and evaluate its appearance in real time.

Wall Units

Wall displays are innovative and aesthetically appealing visual merchandising solutions made from high-quality materials such as wood, metal and plexiglass. Their design is based on a concept of flexibility and adaptability, thanks to interchangeable areas that can be changed over time. Each shelf is equipped with stylish LED lighting, which enhances the products on display, creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

The arrangement of products on these displays is the result of a careful study carried out by our Design Department, which creates customized layouts using innovative couvettes. These thermoformed couvettes offer multiple housing options, allowing for versatile and creative product presentation. They are designed to be multi-functional, allowing a wide range of items to be displayed, from make-up to cosmetics and beauty.

Vertical Units

Vertical displays are essential tools for presenting a wide range of beauty products in an attractive and organized manner. These displays take advantage of vertical space, allowing numerous products to be displayed without taking up much floor space.

Their usefulness lies in their ability to clearly and visibly display various cosmetics, such as lipsticks, mascaras, eye shadows, and skin care products, drawing customers’ attention and stimulating interest in new beauty products and trends.

They can be designed with adjustable shelves, compartments or hooks for hanging products, ensuring an organized and neat presentation. In addition, many of them are equipped with LED lighting, which enhances the colors and textures of cosmetics, creating a professional atmosphere in the store.

Gondola Units

Gondola displays are a versatile and functional solution for displaying products in a variety of commercial environments. They are designed to be placed in the center of the store, making efficient use of space and making products easily accessible from both sides. They can be strategically placed inside perfumeries, beauty stores, department stores, shopping malls and even within dedicated corners.

With their large display capacity and the ability to adjust the racks to accommodate different product sizes, gondola displays fit perfectly in different types of stores, offering a elegant and organized presentation of products, thus increasing the attractiveness of the store and stimulating customers’ interest.

Horizontal Units

Due to their compact size, horizontal displays find their ideal placement in various types of stores, including cosmetic stores, perfumeries, beauty salons, beauticians, hairdressers, spas, dedicated corners and even dedicated departments within department stores. Placed in strategic areas, such as near the checkout counters or near high traffic areas, they capture customers’ attention and invite them to explore the various products offered.

To ensure an engaging and high-quality shopping experience, the design study of horizontal displays is critical. Our company, with its extensive experience and expertise in the field, can create customized displays that meet the specific needs of each store. With detail-oriented design and extensive knowledge of body, face, and makeup products, our horizontal displays help to enhance the brand, organize the displayed items attractively, and provide a memorable shopping experience for customers.

Counter Displays Seasonal New

Countertop displays for seasonal and novelty products offer many advantages and features that make them a valuable tool for promoting particular items and collections. First of all, they take up little space, making them ideal for being strategically placed near checkout counters or in high visibility locations. Their versatility allows for eye-catching displays of seasonal products, special offers and novelties, attracting customers’ attention and stimulating sales.

Another important advantage of countertop displays is the ability to customize them with brand logos and seasonal or promotional themed graphics, increasing brand visibility and reinforcing corporate identity. They are made with high-quality materials and refined design, conveying an image of professionalism and attention to detail.

Counter Displays Nail Polish

Counter nail polish displays are indispensable tools for promoting and selling these cosmetic products. First, their compact size makes them perfect for placement on the checkout counter or other strategic points in the store, maximizing the available display area. Thanks to their shelf or compartment structure, they make it possible to organize nail polishes neatly, making it easier for customers to choose.

Counter nail polish displays are usually made of transparent or translucent materials, such as plexiglass, which allows nail polishes colors to be displayed in an eye-catching and visible manner. In addition, they can be designed with modern and functional designs, making the unit itself a decorative element that helps enhance the brand image.

Hairstylist Equipment

Wheeled hairdressing carts with drawers. Technical trolleys with drawers for various items (hair dryers, straighteners, brushes). Case furniture. Designer furniture for your salon. Custom design: possibility to develop a 3D rendering of the designed environment to touch the final result of your initial idea!

Our assortment of hairdressing products includes everything you need for efficient and functional organization of your salon. Technical carts with drawers give you ideal storage space for miscellaneous items such as hair dryers, straighteners and brushes, ensuring a neat and accessible arrangement of work tools. In addition, we have stylish and functional checkout furniture designed to create a welcoming and professional area for your customers.

Food & Drink

Our food and beverage displays are design, practical and functional solutions for the presentation of dry, non-perishable products. They are designed to provide maximum visibility and accessibility to the items on display, making it easier for customers to choose.

Made from quality materials, they are ideal for stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, fairs and events, allowing food and beverage products to be attractively enhanced and promoted.

You can also find luxury showcases for well-known champagne and doc wine brands among our creations.

Couvettes and accessories

With our state-of-the-art machinery and know-how, we can make all kinds of couvettes and accessories.

With extensive experience, we have developed many display techniques that enable us to offer customized solutions based on your products and specific requirements. Whether thermoformed or nonthermoformed couvettes, multifunction or multifunction, we can provide you with the best products.

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