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Shop In Shop

The ideal solution to satisfy customers, brands and distribution. The perfect size to bring brands closer to consumers, increase product visibility, and deliver a cutting-edge brand experience. This strategy not only attracts customers, but also enriches the purchase path from a win-to-win perspective.

More visibility

Increased sales

The store-in-store strategy results in high sales conversion rates. Unexpected product discovery in the store enhances the shopping experience. Strategically placed brands with Shop in Shop in stores enhance cross-selling opportunities. This approach proves invaluable for both retailers and brands, combining sales and shopping experience. Think about airports, where people are passing through: such a business strategy prompts waiting users to buy products they had not thought of buying.

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Contact us to study together a proposal for shopping malls, large retail chains, airports, bookstores or other stores.

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Are you part of the large-scale retail sector?

Diversify your offering and generate more traffic with a dedicated shop-in-shop space. We can design the area, and through our partnerships, we can suggest qualified brands for you to include.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "shop in shop"?

“Shop-in-shops” are dedicated spaces within a store. Displays play a key role in the layout and visual presentation of these spaces, helping to capture customers’ attention and enhance the products on display.

What customization and design solutions do you offer to ensure that the displays integrate with our retail environment?

We have no boundaries with customization options. Materials, colors, sizes, layouts, logos and graphics to ensure that the displays blend seamlessly with your retail environment and reflect the brand image.

How can exhibitors help improve our customers' experience within the "shop in shop"?

Specially created displays can enhance the customer experience through appealing visual presentation, easy navigation between products, and efficient organization.

What references do you have in the retail sector, supermarkets and shopping malls?

We have collaborated with various brands and retailers in the industry, creating successful “shop in shop” displays. We can provide relevant examples and references.

What are the production and delivery times for the displays?

Production times vary according to the complexity of the project, but we strive to meet realistic deadlines to ensure timely delivery of displays.

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