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Renew the look of your store by keeping the basic structure of the furniture and making changes to the couvettes and shelves only! Sixty years of experience in the beauty and make-up industry allows us to create low-cost projects that capture attention and inspire confidence.


Save a lot and get great results

A smart and beneficial approach is to invest in key elements such as new couvettes and shelves, along with a strategic reorganization of existing spaces. This type of redesign not only provides a renewed and fresh look to the business environment, but also has considerable economic benefits. Maintaining basic structures saves on demolition and reconstruction costs, allowing resources to be focused on the components that most affect the customer experience.

Renew the furnishings on a small budget
Emotional involvement

The store as an immersive experience

Store décor helps to establish visual and conceptual consistency between the products sold and the sales environment. This helps customers immediately identify the store as a place where they can find specific products, thus solidifying the store’s identity. The right furniture creates an immersive experience for customers, transporting them into the world of products and stimulating their curiosity and emotions.

Move the bar below and see how we refurbished an old display


The type of furniture and the arrangement of products did not entice customers to buy nor to enter the store.


A renovation project that completely disrupted the customer experience. Neat products and graphics to help customers navigate their product selection made the difference between a store that no longer sold and one that continues to bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have just acquired a new store that needs to turn into a beauty or make-up store, how can I do it?

The first step is to contact us. Together we will walk you toward the solution that best suits your needs, after talking and deciding together what you want the end result to be.

I have an old beauty and make-up store but I sell little because the furniture is old, can we renovate it cheaply?

Certainly. Thanks to our 60 years of experience in this field and our production capabilities, we can maintain much of the basic structure and only modify small things. The ability to make custom furniture gives us the freedom to make almost anything. Minimal expense for maximum yield!

I would like to renovate only one piece of furniture, is it possible?

Absolutely. We deal with entire stores as well as individual displays. We are here specifically to meet your needs.

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